The Advantages of Contracting With a DMCA Takedown Service for Owners of Intellectual Property

The ease of downloading and copying digital material has made intellectual property theft more common than ever. Owners of this property are protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but it can be difficult for them to effectively deal with this type of theft. They can send a DMCA takedown notice to the website owner and host of the site, but what if the notice is ignored? This is one reason why having a contract with a professional takedown czar is so helpful.

Types of Intellectual Property

A wide variety of digital materials are vulnerable to being stolen. Without the service of a takedown czar, intellectual property owners may discover theft of their blog posts and article content, e-learning courses, e-books, photographs, music, videos and other materials. Some website owners have been devastated to find their entire site has been stolen, modified just enough so that the thief gets away with calling it his or her own.

Laws protect the owners, but trying to use those laws can be complicated and time-consuming. Many of these individuals cannot afford the rates of an attorney to go after the offenders.

Anti-Piracy Protection Service

A service like DMCA Takedown Czar provides anti-piracy protection for the owners of digital information products. Their strategies can prevent a significant amount of theft that might otherwise take place and also are effective at convincing those liable for the stolen items to take action. If the site owner doesn't care, the hosting company certainly will.

Motivation to Comply With the Law

Unfortunately, it's common for site owners who have stolen content, and even for some hosting companies, to ignore official takedown notices from individuals. When they receive a notice from a company specializing in anti-piracy services, however, they are more likely to comply. They don't want to run the risk of this company's legal team notifying the management at major search engines.

This is done with an official DMCA takedown complaint notice. Upon verifying this criminal activity of stealing intellectual property, search engines typically penalize the site owner by delisting the website, making it nearly impossible to find without the URL.